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Have you ever thought that a simple network messaging App can evolve into something so big that all communication channels and services can be integrated into one point messaging App ? This is no more a dream but a reality. This reality is known as Tring.
Tring is a “network messaging app” that brings together the best of networking and messaging. Apart from standard messaging features of any regular IM app, Tring allows users to build open discover able chat networks (or groups). Tring enables users to discover chat networks based on their needs and participate in them. Multiple means of discovery have been provided including browsing, searching, featured groups, recommendations etc. To use telephone analogy, it is a telephone + yellow pages combined into one.
In Tring privacy of users is protected by allowing them to join any group under a username that they can create on the fly. However, to ensure that they don’t abuse the groups a reputation system has been devised based on Tring Reputation Report (TRR) which captures users’ past group behavior.The TRR is shared anonymously when a user applies for membership to any network and if his TRR is bad, he can be declined of entry. Tring also supports a special type of group called O2M groups. In O2M groups, the messages from the owner are broadcast to the entire group. But, the messages from the members are only sent to the owner. There is also an option to form sub-groups under any group. Tring network messaging app can be used by individuals to create interest groups on any topic of interest. It can also be used as an interactive broadcast medium wherein the messages from the owner are multicast but the responses are unicast.

Advantages of Tring network messaging app over other popular messaging apps like WhatsApp are:
a) There is no limit on the size of the group
b) There is no need for the owner to store the phone numbers of the group
c) The users cannot be forcibly inducted to any group against their
wishes. They can only be invited to join a group and it is the user’s
choice to join it or not
d) The groups are discoverable
e) Facility for forming sub-groups to share administrative load and also
control message volumes
f) Powerful anti-spam and abuse prevention mechanism in the form of TRR
g) Ability to form either O2M or M2M groups
Besides these benefits Tring is planning to implement customized messaging solutions for various Government agencies so that citizens of various countries may be able to communicate with various Govt Depts seamlessly about various services which as of now is quite difficult to achieve.

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