Nuzzel: News From Friends And Influencers

Nslider3-tringuzzel is the super easy way to discover the most important news you really need to see. Connect your Twitter account to see the top news stories shared by your friends, or just discover feeds of top news covering thousands of topics and communities.

You can also search for top news on any topic and receive personalized news alerts.

“I love Nuzzel. I’m obsessed with it, and I use it every day.” — Emily Chang, Bloomberg

“I am addicted to Nuzzel, the very best social media news reader.” — Business Insider

“I simply love this app. It is simple and most importantly, it has made my life just better.” — Om Malik

“A fiendishly simple & effective news app” — Fast Company

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Vipin R

Originally trained as a Mainframe Engineer and a Oracle developer, I've worked in various reputed software companies for 10 long years, run my own website development company, and also is co-founder and chief marketing consultant at Manifolde Technologies which has launched its Network messenger App Tring. Now, I am a consultant and entrepreneur, consulting with companies needing to grow through SEO, email marketing, content marketing, editorial PR, and native app growth.Outside word, I am a concert singer, traveler, photographer and a health coach. I love the outdoors and enjoy being creative with extreme spots.

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