Group Messaging App

Have you ever thought what will happen if we combine group messaging features in a app with sales, marketing and CRM.

All this can we achieve by single network messaging app which combines all the features of individual messaging and network level messaging.

One such messaging app is Tring. Tring can help you with:

  1. Ability to create networks of users around specific interest
  2. The network should be discoverable by other search interested users.
  3. The members of the network should be able to interact with each other.

Groups within Tring app

Tring is your unmatched tool for building your own chat based large online communities. Tring incorporates many unique features specially meant for creating and managing large discoverable groups.


Privacy and security: The privacy and security of users need to be protected when they participate in public discussions. Although Tring uses the phone number as the primary means of registering and identifying users, it protects their identities by allowing them to join any group under a username that they can create on the fly.

Spam control and monitoring: While on the one hand, anonymity ensures that users can freely and safely participate in open groups,

it could also potentially pave the way for spam and abusive behavior. To prevent this, Tring allows moderators and group members to report abusive behavior of any particular user which gets recorded in his/her Tring Reputation Report. When any user wishes to join a public group, his Tring Reputation Report is also attached with his/her request. This acts as a deterrent for users from abusing groups they are members of since it could result in them not being granted membership of other groups in future. Special group related features: Tring has many unique group related features that allow owners to create different types of groups suited to their needs. For example, a group can be an M2M or a Member to Member group, where messages are broadcast to the entire group. Alternatively, an O2M or Owner to Member group, is one where the owners’ messages are broadcast to

the entire group but the members’ messages are sent only to the owner. Similarly Tring has the unique facility to create subgroups under any group.

For example, if you are running a school group for parents of kids, you can create subgroups for each class in the school and assign the parents to the relevant subgroups.

Group discovery tools: Tring has powerful search and browse features that allows users to easily discover groups they are interested in.

The search results not only display results for any search query, but also share reviews and ratings for the groups, which helps users decide the most suitable groups for them to join.

Group admin tools: Finally, Tring also provides group owners with extensive admin related tools and features to effectively design and manage their groups.

Download the Tring app from Google Play Store or Apple Store today to experience the exciting world of open discoverable chat groups.


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