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Pursue Interest

Form interest groups to interact with like-minded people who share your passion.

Forge Relationships

Run dating clubs or friend groups in a safe and effective manner.

Grow Business

Offer chat based customer service or build user groups around your product vertical for promoting your offering.

Unlimited Networking

Integrate your Sales , Marketing and CRM together in one chat based platform.


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Group Discovery Tools

Search or browse for network by category or location.

Networks Admin Tools

Admins/moderators empowered with variety of tools for effective network management

Privacy & Security

Users can create handles on the fly for any group they want to join.

Special Network Features

Special network features include O2M networks, M2M networks and sub-networks.

Tring Chat App Screen

Spam Control

Tring Reputation Report (TRR) for users ensures that they don’t abuse the network in which they participate.


Monitor and control bad behaviour.

Network level admin

Admins/moderators empowered with variety of tools for effective network management.

Searchable Groups and Contacts

Search or browse for network by groups and contacts.



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happy customer

"Perfect app for my business!"

- Gianna Ann 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"Useful app, it's absolutely brilliant!"

- Marlon Gustav 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"It does it's job pretty good!"

- Julia Michaels. 5/5 Stars!


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SCREENGroup Search
SCREENEasy Invite
SCREENUnique Network ID
SCREENManage Groups
SCREENGroup Chat
SCREENUser Accounts

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